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AMR is the Trend: ForwardX Automation Solutions

The AMR with a fully autonomous navigation system is one of ForwardX’s premium products. The fully autonomous navigation solution uses the industry’s most advanced Vision + LiDAR sensing technology to achieve simultaneous positioning and 2D/3D map construction without modifying the field environment. Through unique algorithms and motion control capabilities, it is equipped with precise positioning, safe obstacle avoidance, intelligent detour, automatic map switching, and other functions to complete tasks accurately and effectively.

High level of automation

ForwardX AMRs create 3D maps by scanning the surrounding environment with radar and using Vision + LiDAR technology for positioning and navigation. They can automatically pick up a wide range of goods and move them on their own for transportation, which improves the efficiency of warehouse and logistics operations.

High-level collaborative management system

ForwardX’s industry-leading f(x) AMR dispatch management system includes vehicle, task planning, and route management functions. The system automatically dispatches AMRs according to tasks while monitoring AMRs’ status and issuing alerts when the status is abnormal. Such a remote dispatch management system makes it possible to properly and scientifically manage multiple AMRs. f(x) is the system of choice for building a highly automated logistics warehouse created by innovative ForwardX.

For more information about the top-notch AMRs and f(x) system, please visit the official site of ForwardX.

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