Basketball betting: The best rules and tips for 2024

Besides football,basketball betting is receiving special attention from many players. Besides the simple gameplay and attractive reward rates, this form makes it impossible for many players to ignore. So how to play this type of bet? Some tips for playing? Let’s Liên Minh OKVIP soccer learn about.

What is basketball betting?

In recent years, besides football, basketball has become a popular sport and received enthusiastic support from many people in Vietnam.Vietnam. Especially at the time of the first VBA basketball tournament organized on a professional scale.

Basketball betting is a type of betting based on the winning rate of each team. Betting participants will bet according to their prediction to see which team will win. Then, based on the odds given by the house to determine the possibility of winning the bet.

Normally, each match will take place in 2 halves and divided into 4 turns. Each round will have 2 turns lasting about 10 to 12 minutes. Similar to football, after the end of the match if the score is tied, an extra period will be held to determine the winner or loser.

Players can bet on any team if they think that team will win. There is also another way to bet: players bet on each round. Players will predict which team has the higher winning score in this round (including overtime).

What is special about basketball betting rules?

Each betting game will have its own rules, and basketball is similar. If you want to win and have many advantages in this type of betting, players need to firmly grasp the rules of basketball betting.

General basketball betting rules

For basketball bets, all basketball bets on the whole match and live bets will depend on the final result of the match (including extra time and overtime). There are also other game rules such as:

  • The first half result will be the sum of the results of the first and second rounds. The result of the 2nd round will be the total result of the 3rd round.
  • If a basketball match is announced to be canceled or does not start at the scheduled time, all bets will be void and stakes will be refunded.
  • If the match has started but is paused or canceled within 12 hours, betting results will be calculated according to the previous time.
  • The bookmaker’s odds will not be updated for the next basketball bet.
  • Handicap odds will also be displayed throughout the live time and let players know the score at the start of the match.

Form of basketball betting

In basketball betting rules, players will choose to bet on the team they think will score points. When the match starts, players will bet on the team leading by 20 points. Besides this betting method, there are also other forms of betting such as betting on the first half, betting on the second half, betting on the match with the highest score, etc.

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Some tips for easy-to-win basketball betting?

To increase judgment and increase the winning rate in basketball betting games, players need to know a few more tips. The following are tips for playing basketball betting rules passed down by experts

Choose a team that plays well and is stable

Players should choose a suitable squad before making a choice. Furthermore, players should prioritize teams that have been champions throughout a season. Signs to recognize a stable team are shown through experience, confidence and other factors.

Learn how to manage your time and wallet

When playing any form of betting, players need to prepare a smart book allocation plan. Players need to keep in mind the separation between betting, work and personal life. You should only consider gambling as a form of entertainment or risky investment, not a career to make money.

If you have a handicap of over 20 points, choose the under

In basketball betting rules, “+” represents the handicapped team and “-” represents the handicapped team. If the ground level of the two teams is quite balanced and there is not much difference, then neither team will play at their best. Therefore, in this type of bet, picking the lower bet has a higher chance of winning than picking the upper bet.

Stop at the right time

Most players, when they lose too much, want to unwind and bet harder. However, doing so will cause you to lose more and possibly lose everything because people who lose a lot will no longer be able to control their emotions and will not be able to make accurate judgments.

As for those who win a lot, they will continue to play to win and collect more bonuses. You should not focus too much on winning or losing, but play with the most comfortable mind. Betting a specific amount each time and stopping winning or losing will help you maintain a stable capital level.

Each different type of betting game will have different rules, and basketball betting rules are similar. Especially if players want to win, they need to clearly understand the rules of this sport. Hopefully Liên Minh OKVIP article will help you understand more about basketball betting and thereby have interesting experiences when playing this form of betting.

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