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Choose Hermetix as Your Leading Hermetic Packaging Supplier: Meeting Diverse Application Needs

As a leading hermetic packaging supplier, Hermetix specializes in providing customized hermetic packaging solutions to fulfill numerous leading-edge applications. With a wide range of offerings, including OEM butterfly packages, to packages, Kovar packages, and more, Hermetix caters to various fields that have stringent requirements in harsh environments. With nearly two-and-a-half decades of experience in the field, Hermetix is your trusted partner for all your hermetic packaging needs.

Comprehensive Range of Hermetic Packaging Solutions

Hermetix offers a comprehensive range of hermetic packaging solutions to meet diverse application needs. Whether it’s OEM butterfly packages, to packages, Kovar packages, or other specialized packaging requirements, Hermetix has the expertise and capabilities to deliver customized solutions. Their hermetic packaging solutions are designed to provide optimal protection for sensitive electronic components in challenging environments, such as extreme temperatures, moisture, and dust.

With their vast category of optoelectronic packaging, to headers, ceramic packages, and other microelectronic packaging options, Hermetix ensures that businesses can find the perfect fit for their specific applications.

Nearly Two-and-a-Half Decades of Expertise

With almost 25 years of experience in the field of hermetic packaging, Hermetix has accumulated extensive expertise and knowledge. This deep understanding allows them to provide the highest quality hermetic packaging solutions to their customers. Their experience spans across various industries, making them well-equipped to handle the unique challenges faced by different sectors.

By choosing Hermetix as your hermetic packaging supplier, businesses can benefit from their wealth of industry knowledge and experience, ensuring that their packaging solutions are tailored to meet their exact requirements.

Best-in-Class Services

At Hermetix, delivering exceptional customer service is a top priority. As a professional hermetic packaging supplier, they go above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs and expectations. From initial consultations to final product delivery, Hermetix ensures a seamless and efficient process.

Their dedicated team of experts works closely with businesses to understand their specific requirements, offering guidance and support throughout the entire project. With Hermetix, you can expect best-in-class services that prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure a successful partnership.


Hermetix, as a leading hermetic packaging supplier, offers a comprehensive range of customized hermetic packaging solutions for various leading-edge applications. With their extensive expertise, spanning nearly two-and-a-half decades, and a commitment to delivering best-in-class services, Hermetix ensures that businesses receive high-quality packaging solutions tailored to their specific needs. Choose Hermetix as your trusted partner and gain access to a vast category of hermetic packaging options, backed by years of experience and exceptional customer service.

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