Cybersecurity certifications to be pursued in 2022

As more sensitive data becomes public, cyberattacks are more common. Hackers are also becoming more sophisticated with their methods. These attacks occur when hackers find vulnerabilities in websites and gain access to information they don’t usually have easy access.

One of the most memorable cyberattacks that made space in the media was against GitHub. The attacks on US government agencies and companies continue. However, the Chinese hacker group Hafnium discovered a flaw in Microsoft Exchange which allows them access to the email accounts of at most 30,000 organizations in the United States as well as 250,000 around the world. These are just a few examples of cyberattacks that have occurred in recent years. This clearly shows that cybersecurity needs to be stronger and that cybersecurity professionals need to be more skilled in the field.

Cybersecurity career path:

Cybersecurity careers are highly sought after. This is due to the increasing number of cyber-attacks on digital organizations, cyberspace and digital resources around the world. To safeguard data and prevent breaches, which could further protect the image of the organization or institution in the eyes of the customer, Cybersecurity jobs are in high demand.

According to US Bureau of Labour Statistics statistics, cybersecurity careers will see a staggering 26% growth over the next decade. A career in cybersecurity is an industry-specific option.

Top Five Cyber Security Certifications:

If you’re interested in diving into the exciting cybersecurity world, then you need to do extensive research on the courses that can help you grow your career and your interest.

Certified Information Systems Auditor, (CISA):

The Certified Information Systems Auditor, (CISA), is a professional who protects digital assets through continuous auditing of data. This certification will allow you to be a digital auditor expert, and show employers that your skills are applicable to technology auditing.

CISA certification can help you acquire the skills that are necessary for security audits with greater effectiveness within any organization. This certification is a key step in recognizing potential security threats and errors. Organizations look forward to professionals who can manage these tasks.

Expertise can be gained in executive, acquisition, testing, and development. After obtaining CISA Certification, they can learn the guidelines and best practices that will help them audit the digital system.

This certificate is required if you plan to work in high-level IS monitoring, testing, deployment or monitoring. Your employer must verify that you have the required experience in a specific domain to earn your CISA certification.

CRN states that the average annual salary for a Certified Information Systems Auditor is $134,460.

Certified Information Security Manager, (CISM),

According to its official website, Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), demonstrates knowledge in program development, management, information security, and risk management. To become Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), you must have five years of experience in the field. You also need to have three years experience as an information security manager. You must also have experience in at least three of the four domains covered by CISM. This certification is for experienced professionals in cybersecurity who want to advance their careers.

Vinsys Certification Program will help you gain the skills to manage security architecture in the organization that you work for.

This cybersecurity course follows the best practices of ISACA. It is designed so that you can pass the CISM exam in one sitting.

These days, almost every organization is looking for cybersecurity professionals who are also known as Certified Information Security Managers. To propel their career, IT professionals should get CISM certification. Vinsys CISM certification program is a great option for anyone who works in IT and is interested in cybersecurity. The average annual salary for CISM is approximately. $137,058 annually.

Certified Information System Security Professionals (CISSP):

If you’re interested in cybersecurity, the Certified Information System Security Professional certification program is the best. Many IT departments consider this certification a mandatory requirement. Vinsys CISSP training program will help you train with industry best practices and increase your chances of earning CISSP Certification. This certification is essential to gain experience in architecture and design. This certification is also helpful in maintaining a safe business environment by using the most widely recognized security standards.

You must have five years of experience with full-time work in at least two domains related to CISSP. Those who do not have the required experience will be awarded an ISC2 title. This title will eventually be replaced with a CISSP certification.

The average annual salary for CISSP Professionals in the USA is $135510, according to

Certified Ethical Hacker, (CEH),:

To be a Certified Ethical hacker (CEH), one must think like a criminal to prevent any cyberattacks. Although there are not specific requirements for CEH certification and training, it is recommended to have a basic understanding TCP/IP.

After you have earned your certification, you will be eligible for roles such as CND auditor, intrusion analyst and security manager. The average CEH certificate holder’s annual salary is $104,813 per year, according to ziprecruiter. It all depends on your experience, which will determine the range of salaries you get.

Vinsys CEH Certification Course is a digital program that helps you acquire the skills to be an ethical hacker.

CND Certification

Certified Network Defender (CND), a hands-on and vendor neutral certification program in network security, is available. This program is lab-intensive and helps in networking skills. The National Initiative of Cybersecurity Education has created this framework for cybersecurity education. This program was created with an eye to the roles and responsibilities of those working in the Department of Defense (DoD).

The CND Certificate is designed to help candidates improve their network security and defensive perspective knowledge.

After a candidate has earned the CND Certification, they are eligible for the roles of CND Analysts, Network Security Engineers, Network Security Administrators, and so forth.


Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated during this time of pandemics. Hackers are using new techniques to attack the system. IT departments are under pressure to ensure that businesses run smoothly and digital information is secure. If you are looking to improve your career and get certified in cybersecurity, this certification will allow you to pursue your goals and validate the skills.

Vinsys can help you get the cybersecurity certificate that suits your interests. Our programs are designed to ensure that you pass the cybersecurity certification exam in just one attempt.

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