From Fiction to Reality: The Power of Transgenic Mice in Modern Research

Transgenic mice are genetically modified mice that have revolutionized the field of biomedical research. By inserting foreign genes into the mouse genome, scientists can study the function of specific genes and their role in disease development. Cyagen is a leading provider of custom transgenic mouse models used in countless research projects.

Advantages of Using Transgenic Mice

Transgenic mice have several advantages over other model organisms. For example, they are relatively easy to breed, have a short gestation period, and produce large litters. They also share many physiological and anatomical features with humans, making them an ideal model for studying human diseases. Transgenic mice can be used to investigate the role of specific genes in disease development, drug development, and basic scientific research.

Cyagen’s Transgenic Mice Services

Cyagen offers a wide range of transgenic mice services, including conventional plasmid-based transgenic vectors and BAC modification services. Customers can choose from a variety of mouse strains and delivery options, including microinjection, CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing, and gene targeting.

The Future of Transgenic Mice in Science

Transgenic mice are becoming an increasingly important tool in biomedical research. As genetic engineering techniques continue to advance, scientists will be able to create increasingly complex and sophisticated mouse models. These models will allow scientists to study a wide range of diseases and to test new therapeutic agents more accurately and efficiently.


In conclusion, transgenic mice have revolutionized biomedical research and become an essential tool for scientists studying human diseases. Cyagen’s transgenic mouse services have played a critical role in advancing science and will continue to do so.

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