Hengli: Textile Export 600D Oxford Fabric

If you are looking for quality fabric for your next project, then look no further than Hengli’s 600D Oxford Fabric! This lightweight, durable fabric comes in a variety of colors and patterns to fit whatever needs you might have. From outdoor apparel to backpacks, Hengli’s 600D Oxford Fabric can help you create the perfect look. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing textile export from Hengli!

What is Hengli’s 600D Oxford Fabric?

Hengli is a professional manufacturer and exporter of textile fabrics in China. Our 600D oxford is use 600D DTY both in warp and weft. Construction is plain weave. Weight is 207gsm, and width is 150cm. It is widely used for bags and suitcases, only in commercials but also in the military.

Features of the 600D Oxford Fabric

The 600D Oxford Fabric from Hengli is a high-quality fabric that is perfect for the applications of various bags and suitcases. The fabric is made from 100% polyester and is extremely durable. Usually, it will be made with waterproof PU or PVC coating.

Storage and Transportation

We use package packing, and each roll is meticulously examined and packaged to ensure that the cloth is clean and orderly. Finally, we use nylon bag packaging, which can better protect during transit so that the cloth is not harmed. At the same time, we record every specific meter number and the corresponding batch and roll numbers, in accordance with the needs of the customer for delivery by sea, land, and air. Deliver the goods to you as quickly and easily as possible.


Hengli is one of the leading textile exporters in China, offering a variety of fabrics, including 600D Oxford Fabric. Our high-quality fabric is perfect for many applications and will meet all your needs. We take pride in our customer service and guarantee that you will be satisfied with the products you purchase from us. Whether you are looking for something lightweight or heavy-duty, Hengli has it all!

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