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How to download Youtube shorts from PC in 2022

Google launched YouTube’s short video platform, following the success of platforms like Moj, Tiktok and Instagram Reels. A YouTube creator has the ability to record and share short videos that are less than 15 seconds on the transmission platform. YouTube allows users to download videos for offline viewing, but this feature is not compatible with YouTube shorts.

You can download YouTube Shorts movies as an alternative. It is illegal to download YouTube shorts via third-party websites and applications. Shorts videos can be downloaded through third-party applications and websites. This is similar to downloading YouTube videos. We will show you how to save YouTube Shorts videos so that you can view them offline on your mobile device.

YouTube has joined the short video trend. YouTube introduced YouTube Shorts, which allows users to upload short videos and create clips.

How to download YouTube Shorts video

  1. Start YouTube on your smartphone.
  2. Check out the shorts category. It will be located on the lower page next to the start symbol.
  3. Click on the shared icon to select “Copy Link.”
  4. After that, open a browser that will allow you to download.
  5. Copy the YouTube Shorts URL into the Yt downloader box.
  6. Click on search to move down and see the YouTube videos that are available for download.
  7. Click the “Download” button to download the video to your device. How to Download YouTube Shorts Video on Your Computer

Youtube Shorts for Android and iOS

You can also download YouTube videos to other operating systems. This is possible on both your mobile and tablet devices.

No matter if you’re using an Android or iOS phone, the same location we mentioned above can also download your short videos to your mobile phones and tablets.

  1. On your tablet or mobile phone, open the YouTube shorts downloader webpage.
  2. Click “Share” to open YouTube. Then click “Copy link.”
  3. Copy the link to the download page. Select the video quality you wish to download, and then click “Get the Video.”
  4. Click “Download”

Frequent Asked questions ?

What are YouTube shorts and how do they work?

YouTube shorts allows you to upload and watch short videos like Instagram Reels and Moj App. YouTube users can access the service from any device: a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. The Media Library is available to creators. It includes speed controls and a timer.

YouTube Shorts videos are made by anyone.

YouTube Shorts videos can be made and published by anyone with access to YouTube and a Google account.

Is it possible to share YouTube Shorts videos, without having to download them?

YouTube Shorts video links can be easily shared via WhatsApp, email and private messages on Twitter, Instagram DM, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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