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How To Install Metal Roofing Over Shingles?

Metal roofing can offer many benefits that shingles cannot deliver. The metal roofing can last easily for more than 50 years while not requiring any significant repair and maintenance. It can also be installed in many different colors and styles. Metal roofing may also be preferred by consumers who are looking for sustainable and environment-friendly options as it is entirely recyclable. On the other hand, shingles while being more than metal roofs, may require much more maintenance and repair. Businesses often have metal roofing installed over the shingles as they want to avoid instant disruptions, mess, and constant expenses.

You may think of upgrading to metal roofing when your current shingle roof system is showing signs of wear and tear. A leading OK roofing service and a proficient and certified roofing contractor in Oklahoma City OK can install metal roofing at an affordable cost and in an expert manner.

Installing the Metal Roofing Over Shingles

There are multiple installation and replacement methods available when you want to replace your shingle roof with a metal roof.

By using the Lathe Strips or Furring

This method involves the use of sub girts or wood purlins on the existing roof system. It is also attached to the underneath structure. This framework may be either applied to the underlayment/existing decking or the shingles directly. The framework can hold the new metal roof and the metal panels after they are attached successfully and firmly.

The cost of the framework method may be similar to a complete tear-off, as materials including furring materials have to be used and installation must be done. However, this method may involve lesser mess and disturbance when compared to a complete tear-off. Also, ensure that there is an optimum distance between the metal panels and the wooden frames as any pressure-treated wooden material may contain copper that may harm the metal panels.

Attaching Metal Directly To The Shingles

When you want to save more money, you can attach the metal panels directly to the shingles as well as with the wooden deck. However, do remember that the steel roof has mirror-like properties. Therefore, the shingle and deck inconsistencies may reflect through the metal panels. Also, the method can be challenging in reducing energy consumption within the building.

When you attach the metal roof directly to the wooden deck and shingles, a lot of money can be saved. The labor and cost involved with the furring strips are reduced, which reduces the total cost significantly. However, a barrier layer between the new metal roof and the shingles may be required to prevent the wearing (and expansion) of the singles through the panels of the metal roof.

Compliance Requirements

Remember that you may need a permit when you are installing an entirely new roof. Such permits are not needed when you are doing any repair or patchwork. An expert and resourceful contractor for roofing in OK can also assist you to obtain the permits easily.


Metal roofing offers several advantages over the shingle and is a long-term and durable option that provides a hassle free and convenient usage and ownership experience. Apart from the method listed above, there may also be other roofing methods available through which metal roofing can be installed over shingles. Reach out to a leading, resourceful, and expert contractor for roofing in OKC to know more about the metal roof options available and the cost involved.

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