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Signal booster for cell phones – Unfamiliar tips that improve signal strength

These days, it is quite common to own a cell phone. You can find many people who own multiple phones. You can find many brands of smartphones with different types of unique features. They all claim to provide superior quality communications and complete entertainment. What if your network signal is weak? There is a chance that you might lose your signal during an important conversation, or you may not be able to view your favorite sport scores live. This can be frustrating and even depressing. What if this happens all the time? You will feel isolated. If you own a business, poor signals can hinder your prospects and cause unhappy customers. What should you do then? You may contact the professionals at to get an idea of how to improve strength within your budget.

How to increase signal strength in your local area?

These tips can help you get stronger signal strength.

Paper clips: These common items can be used to boost signal strength in a hassle-free manner. Place them in the antenna of your phone’s exterior antenna, if one is present. You should be careful as this could cause ugly scratches to your screen or body.

Tape and Tesla Coils If done correctly, this tip can boost signal strength. It is only possible if your phone has an external antenna.

Tin-Can Telephone: Two cans may be used to make a tincan telephone. Attach the copper wire to the phone’s antenna. It takes some time but you can expect incredible results. The copper wire will allow you to increase the signal bars by 2-3 times.

Recycled radio antennas: This trick is not to be taken lightly, as it works well. Get some copper wire. Connect it to the antenna on your radio and you will get a signal instantly.

Signal bars should not be allowed to drop below 2: Drained batteries will consume more power for signal search. To ensure that your phone is always connected, it should be charged. At all times, your phone should be charged at a minimum of 2 bars. It should be charged immediately if it is drained beyond that point.

Extra Antenna: Use an insulated wire piece that is at least 20 cm long. You can wrap it around a stick to make a DIY antenna. It will act as an extra antenna, thereby enhancing signal strength. It can also be used to enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality browsing and calling.

Last word

To improve your signal strength, you can use any one of the above tips. The best way to improve your mobile phone signal strength is to buy a reliable and high-quality signal booster for your cell phone.

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