The pros and cons of surgical vs. non-surgical rhinoplasty

One of the most common plastic surgery procedures is rhinoplasty, also called a nose job. It can alter or improve the shape, size, and alignment of the nose. It also improves the functionality of your nose.

This procedure was traditionally done surgically. However, more people are looking at non-invasive surgical options where liquid rhinoplasty can be performed using nose fillers.

This non-invasive procedure can smooth bumps, increase the nose size, or elevate the tip of the nose. Before you consider liquid rhinoplasty for your needs, make sure to compare the pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons of Surgical Rhinoplasty


Stable and dramatic results

This is why many people still prefer surgical rhinoplasty to non-surgical procedures. You don’t need to return for any follow-up sessions once you have had your first procedure.

If you are looking to transform your nose, surgical rhinoplasty may be the right choice. The surgeon can reach all of the tissues and muscles of the nose to make any kind of changes.

It can be combined with other surgical procedures

Chin augmentation is one of the most popular procedures people combine with rhinoplasty. You can have them all done in one session. There are no breaks required for recovery.

It can be used for medical purposes

The doctor can correct many tissues within the nose cavity with a surgical rhinoplasty procedure. This will not only change the appearance of your nose, but it will also improve the way you breathe through the nose.

This is especially helpful for those who have small nostrils, or congested nose cavities that make it difficult to breathe.


Recovery time and long procedure

This is why many people choose non-invasive procedures. The procedure can take hours depending on how extensive you need it to be. You are also not permitted to leave the hospital after the anesthesia has worn off.

It takes approximately a year for the body to heal and fully see the results. This not only makes the procedure uncomfortable, but also restricts what you can do.

You must also wait for a full recovery from your first surgery if you don’t like the results.

Higher risk

You are likely to get infections or other complications from surgery.

You might feel numbness in one or more areas of your nose, depending on the way the surgeon performs the procedure.


A recent survey found that the average cost for a surgical rhinoplasty was $5,350. There might be additional charges for medication. This is a one-time fee.

May Leave Scars

Although surgeons try to minimize scarring by incisions in certain areas, there will still be scarring at the point of incision. These scars will fade over time, but they will still be visible. Sometimes you will need to use makeup to hide them.

Pros And Cons Of Liquid Rhinoplasty


Instant, natural-looking and reversible

You will see results immediately after the doctor has completed the surgery, unlike with surgical rhinoplasty, which can take months to show results.

If you are undergoing a surgical procedure to reshape your rhinoplasty, the results cannot be changed unless you have fully healed. Also, the correction must also be surgical.

The doctor can adjust the results to your specific needs with liquid rhinoplasty. Your doctor may also use hyaluronidase injections to dissolve filler if you are unhappy with the results or have a problem.

This allows you to test different looks for your nose and find the one that works best for you.

No downtime

This is the best thing about a non-invasive procedure for rhinoplasty. The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes. You don’t have to wait for the swelling to subside for at least a year. After the procedure, you can return to work the next day and resume your normal life.

Less complications

There will not be any anesthesia or open wounds during the procedure. This means that you are unlikely to experience allergic reactions, bleeding, or other complications. You also have zero chance of scarring.


This is a cost-effective alternative to traditional surgery. There are no anesthesia fees or facility fees. A liquid rhinoplasty costs between $600 to $1,500 on average.


Temporary results

This is why so many people dislike rhinoplasty. While relaxers and fillers may look great for the first few weeks, they begin to fade over time. Your nose will look the same after a while as before the procedure.

You can avoid this by having a regular liquid rhinoplasty procedure. This is not only tedious but also very inconvenient. Because each procedure is relatively inexpensive, it can add up to more expensive than a surgery.

Limited scope

This is not a surgical procedure that patients can use to improve their appearance or for medical purposes. They do not treat structural problems of the nose such as;

Deviated septum

Reduced nose or a portion thereof

Twisted nose

Nez drooping, or plummeting

A bulbous tip


Unrealistic Expectations

Patients may sometimes have unrealistic expectations about what liquid rhinoplasty can do for their noses, especially if they are influenced by what they see on social networks. It can give natural-looking results but there are certain benefits that cannot be achieved by a surgical procedure.

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