What Is Concrete Overlay & How To Apply Concrete Overlay?

Sometimes you don’t have the money or time to rip your existing concrete while putting on new pavers. In that case, a good concrete overlay will solve this issue while improving your existing concrete surface.

Concrete overlays have been gaining popularity in terms of resurfacing concrete floors or updating them. There are several concrete companies in OKC that provide such services. Hire them whenever you need their services.

What is a concrete overlay?

A concrete overlay is a practice that helps to improve the aesthetic of your existing concrete surfaces. Layers of materials are added to certain areas such as a concrete driveway. Concrete floors, or other areas where you need hardscaping. In short, the area is in great need of repair or renovation.

Concrete overlays are great ways to revamp your pool area, driveway, or other surfaces. For example, concrete repair OKC can transform the gray, dull concrete surface into a beautiful plate of concrete. Moreover, they are durable and make it easy for you to maintain.

When you are done with concrete overlaying, the surface becomes smooth, functional, and aesthetically appealing. Apart from that, you can stamp or finish the surface with decorative effects as well.

However, a concrete overlay isn’t the same thing as applying new concrete. Keep in mind that a concrete overlay will be different from the existing concrete surface that you find on your patio. Hire a reliable company that provides service for concrete overlay in Oklahoma City.

How to apply a concrete overlay

Now that you are ready to concrete overlaying, follow these steps to add a layer to your existing concrete surface.

1. Fixing pits and cracks

For a bonded overlay technique, you need a solid surface. In that case, you can fix a pitted and patchy surface with a concrete resurfacer. Patch small cracks or pits with a suitable concrete repair mix.

2. Take accurate measurements to prepare the frame

Make a small trench around the existing concrete surface. Make sure that you take the right measurement of the surface area and the final height of the concrete that you are going to pour. After you have the measurements, get a wooden frame to fit.

3. Prepare the surface

If you notice stains on your existing concrete surface, use a degreaser or mild detergent to remove them away. Also, you can use a brush with stiff bristles to remove any kind of loose material. Follow up with a power washer and clean off remaining chemicals or dirt.

4. Install the frame

Make sure that the frame fits right into place. Double-check to see if the levels are the same on all sides.

5. Add the interlay layer or bonding adhesive

Start by spaying the existing concrete surface with water. This will dampen the area. If you are opting for a bonded overlay, apply a suitable bonding agent. If you choose an unbonded overlay, apply the interlay layer and make the top surface leveled.

6. Apply the concrete and curing compound

Finally, pour the concrete into the area. When you are done leveling and smoothing the concrete, apply an even, thin layer of curing compound.

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