What is Saffron – The World’s Most Legendary Spice

Saffron’s history dates back thousands of year. The Greeks used saffron for its therapeutic and medicinal properties, which help to increase libido and calm the mind. Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medical system that considers saffron an important herb. Saffron has been a key ingredient in many Indian dishes for centuries. It is primarily grown in Iran, Morocco and Greece.

Saffron is a rare and expensive spice. It is harvested by intensive labor. It is Crocus Sativus, or “Saffron Crocus”. This crocus has yellow styles with a crimson-red end stigma. The combination of scarlet stigma and yellow styles defines a saffron thread. It takes extreme precision to cultivate Saffron. This is why it is done manually. After being harvested from crocus, the saffron threads are dried to make the delicious, flavorful saffron. You can find saffron on many websites. isaimini

You may still believe that Saffron’s price is too high. It is because of the difficult harvesting it requires. The saffron Crocus flowers only a few weeks before the fall. It must be picked the same day it blooms or it will wither. To extract 1 kilogram of saffron, it takes 75,000 saffron blooms. It’s easy to understand why Saffron is so expensive, given the effort required to extract a small amount.

Types of saffron

Greek Saffron

The saffron from Greece is unparalleled: it’s fragrant, delicious, bitter, sweet, and more rich than any other saffron. It has honey and violet undertones and a musky, floral taste.

Iranian Saffron

Skilled farmers in Iran grow saffron without using any chemical substances. Sargol saffron is free of artificial insecticides, dyes, and other ingredients. Sargol Saffron is the Iranian name for Saffron. Sargol is the Persian name for “top of flower”, which means it lacks the yellow style. The crimson stigma is responsible for the saffron’s flavor and fragrance. This means that you can now get the highest quality saffron.

Spanish Saffron

This type of saffron spice is called Azafran by the Spanish. It has a mild, floral, and savory taste. Its scent is distinctive: bitter, earthy, honeyed and aromatic. The perfume is enchanting. It has a deep, musky flavor with honey and violet tones. You can check Starmusiq blog to read more information on this topic.

Saffron India is a great option for digestion.

Why use Safron?

Saffron offers many benefits that have been used by Ayurvedic practitioners, and others with the right knowledge. It is rich in antioxidants, which accounts for most of its benefits. According to numerous studies, the most active antioxidants found in saffron are picrocrocin and crocin. They protect the body against free radicals, oxidative stress, and other harmful substances. These antioxidants can be helpful because they protect the body from oxidative stress.

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