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De Corematrix: The Leading Provider of Zirconia Blocks for Dental Restorations

De Corematrix is a renowned company that specializes in the production of high-quality zirconia blocks for dental restorations. Their zirconia blocks are widely used in the dental industry due to their exceptional properties, including translucency, biocompatibility, durability, and bonding ability.

Advantages of Zirconia Blocks in Dentistry

Zirconia blocks are the most popular choice for dental restorations due to their superior properties. They are made of a crystalline oxide form of zirconium dioxide, which is 100% biocompatible and extremely durable. Zirconia blocks are also translucent, which makes them ideal for mimicking the natural appearance of teeth.

Types of Zirconia Blocks Used in Dental Crowns

There are two types of zirconia blocks used in dental crowns: opaque zirconia and high-translucent zirconia. Opaque zirconia is the toughest material and is mostly used for root canal treated teeth, while high-translucent zirconia is used for superior teeth as it matches the natural color of teeth.

How Zirconia Blocks are Used in Dentistry

The selection of the right zirconia block is crucial in determining the strength and translucency of the dental crown and bridge. The zirconia block is fixed on the milling machine and scanned using the CAM/CAD scanner. The correct shrinkage coefficient of the zirconia block is set during the milling process. Once the sintering is complete, the product is ready for insertion into the patient’s mouth.


De Corematrix is a leading provider of zirconia blocks for dental restorations. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has made them a preferred choice for dentists and patients alike. With their state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive approach, they guarantee excellence at every step of the production process.

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