Online phom card game and all the information you need to know before playing

What is so interesting about online phom that it always receives so much attention from gamers? And what knowledge do you need to prepare before participating? Please refer to the article below by New88.com bookmaker to find the most detailed and accurate answer.

What is online phom game?

This game originates from the traditional phom card game often held in real-life casinos. Due to the increasing demand from players, bookmakers have released this game in their system of online gambling games.

Thus, instead of having to go to the place to play phom, players can play right on their smart devices online. All activities such as betting, playing cards and receiving rewards are done via the internet. This way brings many benefits such as:

Ensure safety and legality when playing cards

In our country, gambling activities are still not allowed. So to avoid getting involved in Vietnamese law, every player has chosen to play phom online.

Because most reputable bookmakers today are legally certified by international gambling organizations. Above all, it is protected by the Philippine government. Therefore, card playing activities are guaranteed to be legal.

Prevent fraudulent actions from occurring in the game

To ensure fairness for all players, bookmakers are equipped with the most modern and advanced fraud prevention technology. Thanks to that, there is no situation of swapping cards or interfering with the results like in a real casino. This is also the reason why people prefer playing online phom the most.

Receive promotions when playing online phom

This is something that only when playing phom at the house, players will have the opportunity to participate in special promotions. Through this, the rewards received are very valuable. It can be cash, game cards, phone scratch cards or gifcode… depending on the rules of each program.

Basic terms in online phom

Before participating in playing phom at bookmakers, you need to understand the following terms:

  • Down round: This term means that the player needs to put down the cards in his hand and stop playing cards.
  • Fire (Móm): A deck of cards that does not possess any phom.
  • Phom: The card game will include horizontal phom and vertical phom.
  • Po: These are 2 cards in the deck that can be combined with 1 more card to create phom
  • Eat: The action of the player choosing the next person’s lower card and creating it with his own card to create phom.
  • Trash Tree: These are cards that do not form a phom.
  • Buzz: This term is used to refer to a player who has no more cards left at the end of the hand.

Instructions on the most detailed rules of playing online phom

Because it is derived from the traditional form of phom, the rules of the game seem to remain the same. Thanks to that, players do not need to spend too much time learning how to play.

Specifically, each phom table will have a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 people. In particular, each player will be dealt 9 Poker cards. As for the person who plays first, they are dealt 10 cards.

Everyone playing online phom will play clockwise. The following player can choose the card they just played to create a phom or perform a draw. And this process will be repeated 4 times.
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At the end of the game, whoever is buzzed will win and receive prizes. In case there is none, the score on the card will be compared to determine the winning or losing result.

Experience in playing online phom helps you win big

After understanding the terminology and how to play the card game Phom, you need to gain some additional experience. To increase your chances of winning.

  • Observe the cards played: This will help you understand the cards your opponent is holding. From there, make the most suitable choice for yourself.
  • Avoid being influenced by opponents: In any situation, you need to stay calm and avoid being influenced by opponents. This will cause you to make wrong decisions, leading to losing bets when playing online phom.
  • Win without arrogance, lose without discouragement: This is the motto of today’s professional players in playing phom cards. This factor will make it difficult for the opponent to grasp the cards you are holding. From there the probability of winning the bet will be higher.

So, the above article has shared with you all the information related to the online card game Phom. You need to firmly grasp the content shared above by New88. To play easily and effectively and have the opportunity to win every game.

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