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Explore the Stone Resin Shower Tray of DAYA

Over the past two decades, the Chinese shower tray manufacturer DAYA has set the standard for the production of bathroom products. With their commitment to high-quality, safety and innovation, DAYA has established a solid reputation in the sanitary industry. Since 2000, they have been providing various products such as shower trays, wash basins, and shower rooms. At present, the stone resin shower tray become a popular choice for designing a bathroom.

The Features of Stone Resin Shower Tray

When it comes to materials, most components of stone resin shower pans are resin and mineral fillers, which boast solid performance and superior heat retention properties. In addition, reinforced steel bars on the grid back guarantee the sturdiness and durability of shower trays. To further enhance your showering experience, the shower trays also come with anti-slip surfaces and antibacterial properties for added safety.

A Wide Range of Stone Resin Shower Tray

As a shower tray manufacturer, DAYA understands that every bathroom is unique and should reflect the individuality of its owner. Therefore, they offer an extensive range of stone resin shower trays with different sizes, shapes and colors to suit diverse needs and styles, you will certainly find the perfect one for your bathroom. Furthermore, DAYA offers options that optimize space without compromising on style, whether you have a spacious bathroom or a compact en-suite.


With their commitment to quality and safety in the design and manufacturing of products, DAYA ensures that you receive the best when choosing one of their excellent stone resin shower trays. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer that offers innovative, top-notch quality and a diverse range of products-look no further than DAYA.

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