Five Ways Social Media Knows You better than your Family and Friends

There are many reasons social media has become so popular over the years. One of the main reasons social media is so popular is its ability to connect people across different platforms and share information. This article will discuss how social media can know you better than your family and friends. Social media can get to know you better than your closest friends and family in many ways. Continue reading to find out more. You can also check out the ” Yolo68“, which is a new platform for social entertainment. However, let’s get started.

1. Social Media is an Intimate

Social media can reveal much about you through intimate interactions. For many reasons, social media platforms can learn more about you than your close friends and family.

A. They can see when you’re online, and how often you use the different apps.

b. They can determine what type of content you enjoy the most by looking at how long you have spent reading different types of content (videos, images, articles).

c. They can also learn your habits and interests from the things you see in your feed, as well as accounts that follow you or have similar interests (e.g., someone might like an article by a particular writer, so they may also like one).

2. It knows what you like

It can identify which brands you follow on Instagram or Facebook, which products you have purchased through those platforms, as well as what type of music you listen too with apps like Spotify and Apple Music.

It can identify what movies and TV shows you have viewed on streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Video. Social media, even if those services don’t have the information (e.g. for books), will search the internet and beyond to discover what is trending among its users.

3. It knows how you say it

Social media can read what you say. It can detect if you are serious, funny, or sarcastic. It can tell if you are a “cool” person or a serious one, and it will filter your posts accordingly. This is a good thing for brands as it allows them to reach the right audience and communicate their message more effectively.

Example: Recently, a friend of mine posted on Twitter how terrible she felt from food poisoning. Another replied with a picture of a smiling face emoji, and the hashtag #feelingbetternow First person didn’t find that funny. She was still sick. Social media saw that the person was trying to make fun of herself and responded with the frowning face emoticon.

4. It knows what you are going to do

Social media can be like a big brother who knows everything about you. Social media is able to predict what you will do, before you even think about it. This is like having a personal stalker who watches your every move, but instead of trying scare or harm you, they actually care about your well-being. They want everything to be a success in your life and career.

Because we are constantly on our phones these day (especially millennials), social media can be seen as an extension to ourselves. Because our phones are now extensions of us, why not make use of them to improve our lives! Social media doesn’t judge you if we fail at something, but it does take note of those mistakes so that we don’t make them again.

5. It already knows what you’re going to do before your second thought.

It knows you better then your family and friends. It knows you better that you do. It knows exactly what you will do before you give it a second thought. Social media can track your habits and predict the timing of certain events in the future.

Take the posts saying “Tomorrow is my diet!” or “I’m going on vacation tomorrow!” Or “I’m going back to school tomorrow!” These types of posts are commonplace on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. But did you ever wonder what makes this happen? Social Media knows a lot about us, but they also have access to our search history via Google and Bing. This allows them to see what we searched for when we were searching for “How to start a diet” or “How to get home from Christmas break.” Or perhaps they noticed that we had been looking for flights home because our parents gave us a hug rather than a kiss.

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You can get to know people better by connecting with them via social media. This is a great way for you to learn more about them and gain insight into their lives.

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