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IEETek’s 5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter: Empowering Reliable and Versatile Energy Solutions

As Thanksgiving approaches, households have much to be grateful for with IEETek‘s 5kW hybrid solar inverter. IEETek, renowned for their excellence in energy solutions, presents a powerful and versatile option for households seeking reliable and sustainable power. This advanced hybrid solar inverter combines cutting-edge features and intelligent design to meet the diverse energy needs of households.

Empowering Excellent Output Capability: Power When Needed

IEETek’s 5kW hybrid solar inverter stands out with its excellent output capability. With a 10% over power support for 10 seconds, households can rely on a surge of power when required. This inverter offers the flexibility to be grid-interactive or grid-independent, allowing households to choose the most suitable energy configuration. The hybrid input with PV and battery ensures safe output, providing peace of mind for households even in challenging situations.

Reliable UPS Function: Seamless Power Backup

Thanks to IEETek’s 5kW hybrid solar inverter, households can enjoy uninterrupted power supply through its UPS function. With a quick 10 ms automatic switchover, the inverter seamlessly transitions to backup power during grid outages. The enhanced dynamic MPPT algorithm ensures accurate and real-time maximum power point (MPP) tracking, optimizing energy conversion and utilization. With IEETek’s inverter, households can continue their operations without disruptions.

Intelligent Monitoring Made Easy: Control at Your Fingertips

IEETek’s commitment to user-friendly design is evident in their 5kW hybrid solar inverter. The firmware can be easily upgraded via a USB flash disc, ensuring households can benefit from the latest advancements. The inverter also offers an easy connector for GPRS or Wi-Fi module, enabling remote monitoring through a web portal or mobile app. Households can conveniently access and monitor their system anytime and anywhere, facilitating efficient management of their energy resources.


IEETek’s team of experts has created a powerful inverter that combines excellent output capability, a reliable UPS function, and intelligent monitoring features. With IEETek’s 5kW hybrid solar inverter, households can confidently embrace sustainable power while enjoying seamless power backup and effortless control.

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