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Redifine Your Charging Experience with Luobinsen’s AC EV Charger

Luobinsen brings innovation to electric vehicle (EV) charging with its range of AC EV Chargers, designed to elevate your charging experience at home and in the workplace. Offering three distinct categories – 11kW, 22kW, and 7kW – Luobinsen ensures that there’s a perfect solution for every AC adapter for cars need.

Experience the Evolution of Charging

Luobinsen’s AC EV Charger represents the evolution of charging technology. As your Level 2 car charger solution, it introduces a new era of convenience and reliability. Whether you’re at home or the workplace, their chargers are engineered to deliver a seamless and efficient charging experience, transforming the way you power your electric journey.

Multi-Layer Protection for Peace of Mind

Luobinsen prioritizes the safety of your vehicle and charging infrastructure. their AC EV Charger comes equipped with cutting-edge multi-layer protection technology. From leakage protection to safeguarding against over voltage, over current, phase loss, communication abnormalities, battery reverse connection, charging interface connection, and emergency stop – they’ve got you covered.

Compact and Tough Design for Versatile Installation

Designed with practicality in mind, Luobinsen’s AC EV Charger features a compact and tough design. This ensures easy integration into various spaces, making it an ideal choice for both residential and workplace use. The robust build guarantees durability, providing a long-lasting solution for your charging needs.

Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain

They understand the value of your time. Luobinsen’s AC EV Charger is not only easy to install but also easy to maintain. The user-friendly design streamlines the installation process, ensuring that you spend less time on setup and more time enjoying your electric journey. With minimal maintenance requirements, their charger is built for convenience.


Luobinsen’s commitment to quality is evident in their AC EV Charger’s performance. With more than 10,000 times charging connector plug-in-out tests, they guarantee lasting and reliable operation. Trust in Luobinsen to power your electric vehicle with efficiency and longevity. Transform your home into a charging hub and embrace the future of electric mobility with Luobinsen’s AC EV Charger – where innovation meets reliability.

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