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Superior Image and Video Capture with HIKMICRO Infrared Wildlife Camera

HIKMICRO, a leading brand in the field of wildlife monitoring, offers an exceptional solution with their infrared wildlife camera. This cutting-edge device combines advanced technology and superior features to deliver high-quality photo and video capturing capabilities. With up to 10MP image resolution and 1080P video resolution, along with a rapid trigger speed and invisible IR LEDs, HIKMICRO’s infrared wildlife camera ensures unparalleled performance for wildlife enthusiasts and researchers.

High-Resolution Image and Video Capture

The infrared wildlife camera from HIKMICRO excels in capturing stunning visuals with its up to 10MP image resolution. This allows users to obtain true-to-life color photos and videos during the day, providing a clear and vivid representation of wildlife activities. With its 1080P video resolution, the camera also ensures the recording of high-definition video clips with audio, enabling users to capture detailed wildlife behavior and movements.

Enhanced Nighttime Visibility

The inclusion of 940nm invisible IR LEDs in HIKMICRO’s infrared wildlife camera significantly enhances its nighttime capabilities. These LEDs emit invisible infrared light that is not detectable by animals, ensuring that wildlife behavior remains undisturbed. Users can expect super clear black and white images or video clips at night, allowing them to observe nocturnal wildlife activities with exceptional clarity and detail.

Swift Trigger Speed and Reliable Performance

The HIKMICRO infrared wildlife camera boasts a rapid 0.5s trigger speed, ensuring that no crucial moment goes uncaptured. This quick response time guarantees that even fast-moving animals are captured in the frame, delivering precise and accurate footage. Combined with its reliable performance, users can trust that the camera will consistently deliver exceptional results, making it an invaluable tool for wildlife monitoring and research.


HIKMICRO’s infrared wildlife camera sets a new standard for superior image and video capture in the realm of wildlife monitoring. With its high-resolution capabilities, including up to 10MP image resolution and 1080P video resolution, users can expect true-to-life visuals during the day and clear black and white footage at night. The inclusion of invisible IR LEDs ensures enhanced nighttime visibility without disturbing wildlife. Moreover, the camera’s swift trigger speed and reliable performance guarantee that no moment goes unnoticed. For wildlife enthusiasts and researchers seeking exceptional image and video capturing, the HIKMICRO infrared wildlife camera is the ideal choice.

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