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Unveiling DAYA’s Series O: Elevating Shower Experiences with the 25mm Shower Tray Innovation

The 25mm shower tray category represents a balance of durability, efficiency, and sleek design. DAYA‘s Series O stands out prominently in this category, offering a 25mm shower tray that combines robustness, efficient drainage, and safety features, setting new benchmarks in modern showering solutions.

The Significance of the 25mm Shower Tray

Optimal Balance: The 25mm shower tray strikes a balance between sturdiness and sleekness, providing sufficient strength while maintaining a minimalistic profile.

Efficient Drainage: Despite its slim profile, the 25mm tray efficiently manages water drainage, preventing pooling and ensuring a clean shower area.

Safety and Functionality: Anti-slip features in these trays prioritize user safety, making them an ideal choice for a secure and comfortable showering experience.

DAYA’s Series O: Redefining 25mm Shower Tray Excellence

Sufficient Rigidity and Strength: Series O, at 25mm thickness, ensures ample rigidity and strength, guaranteeing durability without compromising on efficiency.

Anti-Slip Assurance: Series O complies with the une41901:2017 ex standard, offering non-slip features that prioritize user safety during showers.

Versatile Sizing and Drainer Efficiency: Available in lengths from 100 to 180 cm, widths of 70 to 80 cm, and a height of 2.5 cm, Series O’s design is coupled with a drainer boasting a flow rate of 25.8 l/min, ensuring efficient water removal.


For those seeking a perfect blend of durability, efficiency, and safety in their shower tray selections, DAYA’s Series O 25mm Shower Tray emerges as a top-tier choice. Its robust yet slim design, safety features, and versatile sizing options promise not just a shower tray but a transformative addition that ensures both functionality and aesthetics in modern bathrooms.

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