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What Are Mortgage Rates? Why Are They Important?

There are several terms that a person should know before buying a house. Apart from the decisions to make when it comes to buying a home, one of the most important terms to know is the mortgage rate. A mortgage is a type of loan that you will take for a long time. For example, the FHA mortgage rates in SC is around 7% for a 30-year mortgage. Therefore, you should know about mortgage rates, how they work, and why they are important. Continue reading the post to learn more.

What are mortgage rates?

Mortgage rates are commonly referred to as the interest rates that apply when you take home loans. Any kind of loan comes with an interest rate that combines with the balance loan to determine the amount of interest accrued every month. The lender will determine the mortgage rate.

The rate could be fixed at the same mortgage term or could fluctuate. Besides, the rates vary from one borrower to another depending on their credit history. Loans with fixed rates offer certainty when rates are low. Whereas, loans with adjustable rates are lower initially but can increase over time.

Every month you have to pay interest on the loan along with a portion of the principal. It means that the interest rates will impact your monthly payment including the total cost of the loan.

Why are mortgage rates important?

Mortgage rates will determine how much interest you have to pay for your home loan. Keep in mind that the current mortgage rates North Myrtle Beach, SC can impact what you owe to your lender. Cutting the mortgage rates even by a fraction can help you save thousands of dollars in terms of interest. This is why mortgage rates are important to understand.

  1. Monthly payments

The mortgage payment that you pay per month includes principal, interest, insurance, taxes, and other private insurance if any. A higher mortgage rate will result in higher monthly payments and vice versa. Even an increase of 1% can make a considerable difference in payment per month.

  1. Total interest paid

Mortgages come with simple interest rather than compound interest in the US. Over time, your payments will reduce the principal and lesser will be the interest. The first monthly payments will go toward interest and the last few payments will go toward the principal. The higher the interest rates, the more you have to pay every month.

  1. Fixed-rate versus adjustable-rate mortgages

On a fixed-rate mortgage, the interest rates don’t change over time. But in adjustable-rate mortgages, the rate changes periodically. Ask your lender about the interest rate fluctuations and how they can impact your payments. Ensure that you can still afford to make the payments if the rate tends to increase.


No one can change the prevalent condition in the housing market or make changes to the direction in which mortgage rates are heading. However, having a good understanding of how mortgage rates work will work in your favor. It will put you in a better position in terms of knowing whether you are getting a great deal on home loans.

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