Different Types of Criminal Defense Attorneys

The legal and the court cases can be classified into civil and criminal cases. Criminal defense lawyers and attorneys specialize in dealing with criminal cases that can be multifaceted and complex. A private Fort Bend County criminal defense lawyer will work for their clients to present their cases in the best way, reduce legal penalties, and ensure a solid defense.

Important Duties of the Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal defense lawyers have the appropriate education in criminal cases and the relevant laws and regulations, and also gain experience in the field for many years. Lawyers utilize their specialized skill set and education to navigate through the legal justice system and to provide the best advice and support to their clients. The important duties of a leading Fort Bend criminal attorney include:

  • Advising their clients during the investigations carried out by law enforcement agencies (including police).
  • Gathering evidence and facts to ensure that the client’s case and position are supported.
  • Filing all the relevant motions in the defense of the client.
  • Discussing the client cases with all relevant parties and the judge presiding over the case.
  • Negotiating the exchange of evidence and the plea with the prosecuting counsel.

Different Types of Criminal Defense Attorneys

The criminal law and the legal scenario are divided between the criminal defense attorneys (who fight the case for the clients), and the prosecutors or the district attorney. The criminal defense attorneys can be:

Public criminal defense attorney- the defense attorneys are appointed by the presiding judge for the defendant when the defendant cannot afford a criminal attorney themselves. All the citizens of the USA are entitled to legal representation and therefore their case must be represented by a criminal defense lawyer.

Private criminal defense attorney- the law services/firms and the private criminal defense attorneys work for their clients for a fee. The client has to bear the fee of the private criminal defense attorneys. Therefore, a criminal private criminal defense attorney may work for a law agency/firm or maybe be self-employed. Private criminal attorneys may further specialize in many different kinds of criminal cases. For instance, a Sugar Land DWI lawyer is the best criminal attorney for defense when the client is charged with the “driving while intoxicated” crime.

Specialization of the Private Criminal Defense Attorneys

Private criminal defense attorneys (working for a fee for their clients) may gather expertise and skill sets in handling special criminal cases such as drug abuse, DWI, fraud, and others. The common type of criminal offenses and the specialization areas of criminal defense attorneys are listed below.

  • Drug abuse- criminal violations related to the manufacturing, possession, and use of illegal chemicals and substances.
  • Property- these criminal violations may include cases of larceny-theft, vehicle theft, burglary, and arson among others.
  • Fraud- these are cases of intentional misrepresentation and often involve financial loss (for instance lottery scams, inheritance scams, and identity theft).
  • Violent crimes- these are the cases of robbery, rape, murder, and manslaughter among others.
  • Family law cases- these are family offenses and acts of violence in families that may endanger the mental/economic/physical well-being of family members.


When you are looking for a criminal defense attorney to defend and present your case, it is important to choose the best one. A criminal defense attorney would be able to present your case in the best way when the attorney has experience in handling such cases and has proper education. You can reach out to a leading legal service and law firm in Sugar Land, as these agencies impanel, hire, and appoint the best criminal lawyers for handling all kinds of criminal cases.

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