Forest City: A Haven of Security and Peace with Closed-Off Management

Welcome to Forest City, a visionary development by Country Garden Group and Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd (EDSB) that redefines urban living. Combining cutting-edge technology with meticulous planning, Forest City offers residents a secure and peaceful environment. This blog post will explore one of the key benefits of Forest City: its secure and closed-off management system.

Brief introduction to Country Garden Group

Country Garden Group, a notable enterprise listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s Main Board, prides itself on being included among “The World’s 500 Largest Public Companies” by Forbes. Renowned as a developer and operator of residential communities, Country Garden goes beyond traditional practices by undertaking the construction and operation of green, ecological, and smart cities. Its exceptional performance in 2016 saw residential property sales surpassing USD 43 billion, covering an extensive area of approximately 37.47 million square meters, thus establishing its position as one of the leading global real estate enterprises. With a relentless focus on promoting residential civilization, Country Garden adopts a craftsman’s professional spirit, employs scientific planning, and embraces human-centric design to create affordable and high-quality housing options worldwide.

Secure and closed-off management

Forest City’s closed-off management system is designed to prioritize the safety and security of its residents. The city employs intelligent safeguard measures, including advanced surveillance systems, access control, and round-the-clock security personnel. This comprehensive approach ensures a tightly controlled and monitored environment, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and providing residents with peace of mind.

By implementing advanced technologies, such as facial recognition and smart sensors, Forest City creates a secure living space. Residents can enjoy a sense of privacy and exclusivity, knowing that their safety is paramount. The closed-off management system acts as a protective shield, deterring potential threats and maintaining a serene and harmonious community.

The enhanced security measures in Forest City extend beyond residential areas. Public spaces, commercial districts, and recreational facilities are all integrated into the closed-off management system, ensuring safety and security throughout the entire city. Residents can freely explore and enjoy the amenities without compromising their well-being.


Forest City’s commitment to secure and closed-off management sets it apart as a safe haven for residents. The intelligent safeguard measures and advanced technologies implemented within the city create a protected environment where individuals can thrive with peace of mind. Whether it’s strolling through the streets, enjoying recreational activities, or simply relaxing in the comfort of their homes, Forest City residents can experience an unparalleled sense of security. By prioritizing safety, Forest City elevates the living experience and establishes itself as a desirable destination for those seeking a secure and peaceful lifestyle.

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