Decode the meaning of 32 Western cards and find luck with the cards

If you play cards, you may have heard a few times about the 32 cards. So what is the meaning of the 32 cards and what do we need to do to decode them?
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The following article will help people understand the meaning of the 32 cards and how to apply them to find luck for themselves when playing.card game with rewards Please.

Meaning of 32 Western cards To be What?

Looking for the meaning of 32 Western cards, players will find themselves looking for a way to tell fortunes using Western cards.

The Western deck of cards has a total of 52 cards, but why does fortune telling only mention 32 cards? What’s so special about this method that so many people are looking for it? Does it help us answer the question of future destiny?

To continue answering this question, we will need you to find out what the 32 cards mentioned are.

(1) Explaining the meaning of the 32 cards, which cards are included?

This method of divination does not use all 52 cards in the standard deck of cards, but only 32 cards.

These 32 cards will include number cards (from card 7 to card 10) and letters (Boi J, Dam Q, Gia K, and Ace A). We still use all four card suits, the Heart of Diamonds. Cards from number 1 to number 6 will not be used for fortune telling.

(2) Why is the meaning of the 32 cards important?

Have you ever wondered what people use these 32 cards for and why it has to be 32?

Talking a little about what people use these 32 cards for, let me say it is to tell fortunes, predict a person’s fate in a 24-hour period.

Viewers can know what will happen in the next 24 hours related to many issues such as family, love, money or work.

You can even see if you have encountered any disasters to prevent and avoid them.

Thus, like other common fortune-telling methods, this method uses 32 Western cards because the method passed down from ancient times only uses these cards.

Fortune tellers can predict the vast majority of things that will happen in the short term and in the near future, but cannot predict things that will happen in the long term, about a week or a month or even a few years later. there.

Learning the meaning of the 32 cards is important because it helps fortune tellers know about bad things and avoid them.

How to find out the meaning of 32 Western cards

To find out the meaning of the 32 Western cards, we first need to know how to outline the card to reveal the correct meaning and then proceed with interpretation (also known as reading or translating the meaning of the cards). post).

To perform 32-card divination, you first need to prepare a new deck of cards with 52 cards. After that, we proceed to select and take out the cards we need to use. Put away the remaining cards.

Each card here will symbolize something in the near future for the person who needs to see it. We can completely see for ourselves without the help of others.

In addition, anyone who is familiar with interpretation can help their friends decode the meanings of the 32 Western cards without any problems.

The steps for divining 32 cards include three simple steps as follows:

  • Step 1: The first step we need to do is to shuffle the deck of cards in hand (note that unused cards have been removed). The fortune teller just needs to stir-fry normally and if he is male, he will stir-fry seven times and if he is female, he will stir-fry nine times.
  • Step 2: Next, the fortune teller spreads the cards out evenly and then divides the deck into two parts.
  • Step 3: The final step in the card fortune-telling operation is for the person who wants to see to use their hands to pick one card from each side.

In this step, if we are male, we will discuss the meaning of the card drawn from the left hand and if we are female, we will do the opposite, discuss the meaning of the card on the right.

In case, after drawing the cards, two cards on both sides have the same suit, we should proceed to draw again to interpret the meaning more accurately.

Next, what needs to be done is to interpret the meaning of the card in hand.

Decoding the meaning of 32 Western cards

In general, the meanings of the 32 Western cards are divided into four previous suits. The viewer will then consider the meaning of each card.

(1) Mechanical cards

  • 7 of hearts: related to money. If it comes with the card of Spades, it is not good and wastes money. If it comes with other card suits, it’s a good thing.
  • Eight-of-a-kind card: related to happy events or wishes that will come true. If it comes with a Dragon card, it will be more favorable, but if it comes with a Spade card, it will not be so good.
  • 9 of hearts card: related to good things, possibly good luck. If you go with the card suit of Spades, you won’t be too lucky, but if you go with the other card suits, it will be extremely good.
  • 10-card: related to love and family affairs. If it comes with the suit of Spades, especially the nine of Spades, it is extremely bad.
  • J card: related to money or emotions but only at a normal level, neither too good nor too bad.
  • Q card: shows that there will be good things in love and work in the near future.
  • K card card: shows that there will be a good opportunity in the near future, you need to take advantage of it immediately.
  • Ace of Hearts: shows that in the near future, wishes will be fulfilled or bad things can be resolved.

(2) Diamond card suit in the meaning of 32 Western cards

  • 7 of diamonds: related to movement, or short changes in money.
  • Eight of diamonds: related to constant movement and change but the results end quickly
  • 9 of diamonds: related to change of residence or career. If it comes with the card of Spades, you should not go far. If the remaining cards will change, it will be much better.
  • 10 of diamonds: related to movement, possibly traveling. With a card of hearts it will be a good trip, but with a card of spades it will not be good.
  • J check leaf: also related to traveling or moving frequently
  • Q of Diamonds: related to quick, spontaneous decisions.
  • K of diamonds: changes related to job rotation.
  • Ace of Cards: related to documents, papers or documents. If spades are included, it will announce bad news, and the remaining suits will be good news.

(3) Chuon card suit

  • 7-card leaf: related to receiving small fortune in money. If accompanied by spades, it is a waste of wealth.
  • 8 of cards: related to money matters, mainly debts to be paid, loss of wealth. If there are Hearts and Diamonds, it will be relatively more convenient to combine them with Spades.
  • 9-card leaf: related to receiving fortune or being helped by others in the near future. Accompanying Spades is a loss of wealth, while the remaining suits are a matter of luck.
  • 10 of cards: related to money, you will receive double luck if accompanied by Heart or Diamond cards.
  • Clove leaf J: in the near future, there will be favorable money and business opportunities, but only to a small or moderate extent.
  • Q dragon leaf: related to loneliness in love, or possibly jealousy. If it’s a business thing, it’s a good thing related to money.
  • Leaf: related to material wealth, power, and success.
  • Ace of Dragons: related to prosperity, extremely favorable work if accompanied by Heart and Diamond cards. On the contrary, going with spades is a waste of money.

(4) Meaning of spades

  • 7 of spades: related to things that don’t go as expected, possibly arguments and conflicts. Especially if it comes with a 7 of hearts, things will be extremely bad, so be careful.
  • 8 of spades: related to loss of wealth, damage to items or failure at work. If it comes with a 10-of-a-kind card, luckily it can be resolved. If it comes with other spades, you need to be very careful because it can be harmed by thieves.
  • 9 of spades: related to something that needs to be decided. This may involve separation or separation.
  • 10 of spades: cards of spades often have negative meanings, often related to sadness and the 10 of spades implies that this is lingering.
  • J of spades: there may be an accident in the near future, you need to proactively prevent and be careful of everything.
  • Q of spades: may encounter limitations, obstacles or unexpected events that arise. This card is related to women who encounter bad luck.
  • K of spades: is also a sign that bad luck may happen, so be careful to avoid danger.
  • Ace of Spades: related to sadness, suffering, and difficult to talk about.

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Notes when learning the meaning of 32 Western cards

After learning about the entire meaning of the 32 Western cards as well as the complete method of fortune-telling, we should briefly read the notes when conducting fortune-telling.

First of all, you should not trust too much 100% in the fortune telling results because somewhere there is still a percentage difference.

Therefore, if you see the fortune telling results that show that in the future, something unlucky will happen to the fortune teller, don’t worry too much, but look at the positive side and make adjustments to improve.

The second thing is to read and clearly understand the explanations when researching the meaning of the 32 Western cards when divining. This will help the fortune teller not to confuse the meaning. If you can help others find their answers, even better.

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of divination based on 32 Western cards.


  • The easiest thing to see is that this method of fortune-telling is simple and gives quick results just by comparing the drawn cards and the available meaning interpretation table.
  • The fortune teller does not need to use personal or complicated information such as destiny…
  • This method helps the fortune teller to find out about favorable or unfavorable events in the near future, helping that person to prepare well for the near future.


  • The first drawback of this method is that the viewer cannot read for others because the meaning of the card must come from the person who picked it.
  • In addition, with this method of predicting the future we can only consider information in the near future but cannot consider the whole life or information in the more distant future.

So fully understanding the meanings of the 32 cards can give viewers an interesting insight into simple card fortune-telling, right?

This method is neither difficult nor complicated, viewers can quickly guess information about themselves in a short time.

It can also help others know this. Try this fortune telling method and let us know if it is accurate for you.

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