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Play Lieng 3 Cards always the best choice for bettors when coming to Nha cai new88. When participating, you will have a new experience because the game has many different challenges and unknowns. This game is also among the popular online card games, along with Tien Len and Phỏm. Don’t hesitate any longer to start your game and become an excellent player.

What is playing Lieng cards?

What is Bai Lieng? This game is extremely familiar to bettors because it has been on the market for a long time. The game does not only depend on luck but also requires bravery and strong psychology from the player. In this world, victory is not only about the number of cards but also about fighting spirit and cleverness in every move.

Playing Lieng 3 cards online is not just a game, but an opportunity for you to show your bravery. It helps you control your emotions, practice observation skills and judge the other person’s psychology. Every time you bet, it’s like entering a stressful game that requires a lot of thought.

Some terms you need to know in Lieng lesson

For those new to the game Lieng 3 Cay, understanding the terms is very important. That helps you master the rules of the game and increase your chances of winning. Details of familiar words used in the game are:

  • Lieng: This is the name for three consecutive cards, like A, 2, 3; 5, 6, 7 or “J, Q, K”. Note that Lieng Q, K, A have the highest value, while A, 2, 3 are last and lowest.
  • Wax: Used to refer to a set of three cards with the same number where A is the highest and 2 is the lowest.
  • Follow: The action of another player adding the bet to the amount raised by the previous bettor.
  • Raising: The action of a bettor wanting to increase their bet when they feel their hand has high value or want to implement a specific strategy.
  • Fold: The act of refusing to continue playing in a round, usually because the bettor’s hand is too low, there is no chance of winning, and they have to accept losing all their bets.

Specific information about Lieng 3 card game rules

Playing Lieng 3 cards is an intense race with up to 4 players. Each player will have 3 cards and bet based on their cards. Specifically:

Basic rules of playing Lieng 3 cards

  1. Start the game:
  • Each person bets an amount of money to participate in the game.
  • Play turns clockwise.
  1. Options:
  • Raise (“Raise”): Add money and bet again.
  • Theo (“Follow”): Add more money to continue without betting more.
  • Quit (“Quit”): Refuse and lose all bets.
  1. At the end of the Lieng card game:
  • When no one raises again, the bet ends.
  • If at least 2 people follow the round, they compare cards and the strongest hand wins.
  • If there is only 1 person left in the round, their cards are kept secret.

Scoring rules when playing Lieng 3 Cards

When the Lieng game ends and no one raises any more, the points will determine the winner. If calculated from large to small, the scoring method will be as follows:

  1. Wax: As mentioned above, this set will be calculated in order from A to 2.
  2. Lieng (3 consecutive kilometers):
  • The set with larger numbers will be stronger.
  • In case the two sides are equal, we need to consider the condition that the higher quality will win.
  1. Photo (3 human heads):
  • This is the case including 3 pieces J, Q, K. Note that this set is not counted as Lieng.
  • If it’s the same photo, we need to compare the quality and whoever has the higher quality will win.
  1. Suit (Diamonds > Hearts > Clubs > Spades): The highest suit will be stronger. If there are multiple players of the same suit, compare the cards of the leading suit.
  2. Calculate points in special cases:
  • In case your card total is greater than 10, we will divide by 10 and only take the integer part.
  • If a piece has a value such as 2 to 10, the score will be corresponding like that.
  • Bet players should note that the word A has a value of 1 or 9.

Instructions on how to play Lieng 3 cards are the simplest and easiest to understand

To win in Lieng 3 cards, it is not only about luck but also requires strategy and wisdom in playing cards. Please refer to the main ways to play this game such as:

Instructions on how to play Lieng 3 cards according to the game

To start your journey to victory in this card game, learn how to play Lien 3 cards in each game:

  • Number of players: Each game usually has 2 – 6 bettors participating.
  • Stake: Before starting, all players must place a bet, which is regulated by casino rules or agreement.
  • Regarding card distribution: The dealer will distribute cards clockwise and each bettor will receive 3 cards.
  • Handing time: Each bettor needs to concentrate hard to make a decision within 20 seconds, after this period your card will not be counted.
  • Leader: The player who goes first is determined based on the highest card or according to previous agreement.
  • Calculate points and compare wins and losses: Once the action is completed, the score will be the factor to determine the win or loss result.

How to play Lieng according to bets

Consider a game of Lieng with four players. Each bettor will have three cards and from the dealer’s right side, participants can take actions such as:
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  • First person: Give up and withdraw from this game.
  • Second person: Bet a certain amount of money, for example double the current bet amount.
  • Third person: If you want to continue participating, this person must bet an amount of money at least double the amount that the second person bet.
  • Fourth person: Raise all bets on the table.

The betting process then returns to the second person, who has the choice of whether to continue increasing the bet or not. The goal is to bring the bets of all bettors on the table to an equal level. The next players also need to decide and act like the previous person.

Tips for playing Lieng card game to win high

To have an advantage when playing Lieng, you can also consider the following strategies and tips:

  • Understand the game rules and regulations: Mastering Lieng’s betting regulations is important. This helps you make smart decisions in each situation and take advantage of opportunities.
  • Monitor your opponents’ cards: Pay attention to how your opponents play their cards, try to analyze their strategies and take advantage of that information to make more accurate decisions when betting.
  • Capital management: This is the act of setting your own budget and strictly following it. Avoid making decisions based on emotions and keep the gameplay an entertaining experience.
  • Control your psychology: Stay calm in all situations, don’t let negative situations affect your decisions.


Playing Lieng 3 cards is truly an accessible and simple entertainment game for even beginners. With suggestions from the article bynew88, applying them becomes easier. You can start by mastering the basics such as rules and terminology, then expand with small strategies to optimize your chances of winning.

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