What is Sam Loc? How to Play Sam Loc and Experience in Playing for Money

What is Sam Loc?? How to play the game? It seems like everyone knows, but there are many people who are still looking for the answer. Belongs to the group of prize-winning card games that are popular with many people at online bookmakers. If you also want to understand more about this subject, please join New88 today to find the answer in the article.

What is Sam Loc?

Sam Loc is played with a familiar 52-card deck of cards. This game has been present for a long time in the North and has become an entertainment custom in many regions whenever the opportunity arises. Nowadays this reward game has become more popular in other regions and is loved from the first try.

Find out what is Sam Loc?

During family gatherings, friends, or holidays, people often play this game as a regular entertainment that many people enjoy. In addition, many people also choose to participate in redeeming rewards on electronic devices. Just a few steps to register with the houseNew88 To behoneyPlayers can have fun hunting for prizes.

Basic gameplay and rules to understand

Even though you understand what Sam Loc is, before participating in the reward exchange, you need to clearly understand the rules of the game to participate in the exchange to get the most loot.

How to play Sam Loc?

Just like real-life table games on the platform Online there will be a maximum of 4 players. However, you can start the game with 2 participants.

 Need 2-4 people to participate in the game.

Each person will be dealt 10 random cards in a deck of 52 cards. The gameplay is as simple as Tien Tien Nam. The next player must be able to block the cards of the previous player. If they cannot block, they will not be able to play the next card. Whoever runs out of cards in their hand first wins.

Important Sam Loc rules to know

Although the gameplay is similar to Tien Len Mien Nam, Sam Loc has slightly different rules of play. Let’s find out what the rules of Sam Loc are below.

Order of departure in the game table

In the first game, if you own a priority card (3 spades), you will play first. However, from the second game onwards, the first turn will go to the winner of the previous game. In addition, the order of play will be clockwise, the person playing next will be responsible for blocking the person playing before them.

What is the card blocking rule in Sam Loc?

This rule is similar to moving to the South. To block another player, you need to have a deck of cards with a higher value than the deck that needs to be blocked. Card number 3 will have the smallest value, card number 2 will have the greatest value.

Law of ginseng newspaper

This is a lucky case that everyone wants to have because if this is the case, the reward will be multiplied many times.

  • Same suit: When all your cards are red or black.
  • Leopard: If you feel confident about the decks you have, no opponent can defend you.
  • Report: The 10 pieces you have are a series of numbers in order from largest to smallest.

 Same quality ginseng newspaper.

Law of compensation

Even if you know what Sam Loc is, don’t be subjective and remember this law carefully or you will have to pay a large amount of money.

  • Compensation for unsuccessful bets: If unfortunately you choose the ginseng but when the card is played, your opponent successfully blocks it, you will have to pay the entire prize amount.
  • White Temple: The person who announces the ginseng is an opponent. When they play, your cards can be blocked, but you choose to skip the turn. At this point you will also have to pay other players for letting your opponent report successfully.

Law of rotten cards

One thing that everyone needs to remember carefully to avoid winning or losing. Never play the last 2, the term in this game is called losing cards.

 Point review law

With Sam Loc, even 1 trash card left after the game ends will be counted as 1 time of the bet. In which, average loss = Initial capital * odd cards.
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Some special cases:

  • Bet 2: 5x bet.
  • Four quarters, chopping layers: 15x initial capital.
  • Sam: 20x the bet.
  • Ginseng compensation: The amount lost is 20x the bet * the number of people who have to pay.
  • Free: 15x bet * four quarter change/2.
  • White win: Each hand plays 20 cards * quarter change / 2 * bet level.
  • Basic win: (Number of remaining cards * bet amount) + 2 or 4 of a kind lost money.

Experience playing Sam Loc at New88

New88 is a website that many people come to after knowing what Sam Loc is and how to play to redeem prizes. After understanding the basics to start the game, newbies often want to know the experiences of the veterans.

Experience playing Sam Loc at New88.

Below are the experiences of playing Sam Loc at New88 shared by the veterans specifically for online ginseng:

  • Play by value from small to large: If you have the opportunity to play first, try to get rid of low-value odd cards. So towards the end your hand gets higher, making it impossible for your opponent to block it.
  • Guess your opponent’s cards by looking at the face-up cards. However, you need to think logically and quickly to be able to speculate like that.
  • Note: Do not play the last 2 to avoid unfair compensation.

What is Sam Loc has been answered by New88 in the content above. Hopefully you will understand the game better and rely on the shared experiences to get many goals at New88.

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