Raining Lucky Money Twice a Day – Opportunity to Receive Fortune at the Beginning of the Year Hi88

It rains lucky money twice a day is a super hot promotional event promoting the betting movement at the beginning of 2024. Red envelopes with great value will suddenly appear in the betting lobby. Trang chủ Hi88 makes players extremely surprised and excited. Right now, our team will provide a series of interesting information about this program.

Discover the lucky money rain event twice a day at Hi88

To promote the entertainment movement of real money betting, bookmakerHi88 has launched a super storm of lucky money worth up to billions of dong to help gamers clearly feel the spring atmosphere rushing back. Surely, many people are still wondering about the rules for organizing this super hot event.

Super storm of lucky money twice a day from Hi88 nothing special

Hi88 is a reputable bookmaker with a variety of extremely hot promotions for gamers. Among them is the event “It rains lucky money twice a day” released in early spring 2024, this is a promotion that helps players earn a bet from the program.

CA rain of lucky money will suddenly appear at betting hallsHi88 To express our sincerest thanks to the players who have accompanied us over the past year. In each envelope there will be gifts with many different denominations. Every time you receive lucky money, you can receive cash, bonus points or free betting tickets.

Content of the lucky money rain program twice a day

Lucky Money Rain event atHi88 is an attractive promotion for all members, offering the opportunity to receive free lucky money up to 99,999,000 VND every day.

  • Participants: This promotion applies to all official members of the house.
  • Program rules: Each account will receive a maximum of 1 lucky money bag at the time frames announced by the house on the official website.
  • Opportunity to receive free lucky money: Every time you receive lucky money, you can receive cash, bonus points or free bet tickets. Specifically: cash is used to bet or withdraw cash, bonus points can be exchanged for valuable gifts in the point exchange program, free bet tickets allow you to participate in betting without depositing money.
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Terms & Conditions Receive lucky money twice a day

When participating in the program, it rains lucky money Hi88, you need to note the terms and conditions that the house offers as follows:

  • The program only applies to members who own 1 account. In case any member is detected intentionally registering a different IP, Phone number, or Zalo to abuse the promotion, the system will immediately cancel the account and kick you from the exchange.
  • Members need to comply with the rules initially set by the house, absolutely not using any fraudulent behavior during the betting process.
  • If you have any questions while participating, please contact our customer service department immediatelyHi88 for the most dedicated guidance.


Event It rains lucky money twice a day in Hi88 is a great opportunity for you to get extra bonuses and participate in free betting. So, hurry up and join so you don’t miss this golden opportunity!

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