Instructions on How to Play Mahjong Easiest to Win in 2024 for Players

How to play Mahjong is currently of interest to many players in the betting market. The gameplay of this game is relatively easy but equally complicated, so it has attracted the curiosity of many players. Within the framework of this article, Trang Chủ Jun88 I will guide you through the rules of this game in the simplest way!

Overview of the game Mahjong for beginners

Introducing to you today’s attractive mahjong game

Mahjong is a folk game originating from China. Currently this game is often referred to by the attractive English name Mahjong. If we understand more, the word mahjong means sesame sparrow. This bird is represented by the name of the sparrow, which is also the first card in the deck needed to play.

Inhow to play mahjong, players will use a deck of cards made of horn and ivory or plastic to play. Normally in a mahjong game there will be 4 participants. The goal of the game is to use judgment to win the final game, also known as “buzzing” the game.

Instructwayplay mahjongThe simplest so far

Instructions on how to play Mahjong in the simplest way for beginners

How to choose a seat

Seating while playing also greatly affects the position in this game. Usually seats will be selected by the following steps:

  • Step 1: You take four chess pieces, East, West, South, North, then pick them up, rub them one by one and then randomly place them on top of each other.
  • Step 2: Next, roll two dice. The person with the highest score gets the top piece, and the person with the lower score gets the first piece. Just keep repeating like that, until all the pieces have been taken.
  • Step 3: Inside how to play mahjong The person who draws the East card will be called Cua Dong and will have priority in choosing a seat of their choice. The person with the South piece is Cua Nam, sitting on the right hand side with the person with the East piece. The person with the Cuu Tay piece sits on the right hand compared to the person with the South piece. Finally, the person with the North piece sits to the right of the person with the West piece.

How to deal cards

Traditionally, before dealing, the cards must be placed on the table first. The next player then shuffles the cards, arranging them into 2 rows. Each row will have a total of 18 cards stacked on top of each other, facing each other to form a small square.

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The player at the East door is called “Banker”, and rolls 2 or 3 dice to calculate the total points dealt. Show in how to play mahjong There are 160 cards, each player will be dealt 40 cards. The winner divides 40 cards into 20 pairs and then arranges them in front of them.

Buzzing waysin the current way of playing mahjong

Ways to play mahjong that you need to know

In today’s mahjong game, there will be many different types of U cards listed as follows:

  • Words
  • Full text
  • Buzzing
  • Uh mei mei
  • No need to penetrate
  • Buzzing frequently
  • Hoarseness
  • Ð Dai Tu Hi
  • U Tieu Tu Hi
  • O Thap Tam Thai Bao
  • Ð Dai Tam Nguyen
  • Ð Tieu Tam Nguyen

How to calculate points in how to play mahjong

Currently, tWhen participating in a Mahjong game, the score is used as the scoring unit. We can achieve the following levels of judgment with corresponding points:

  • 0 verdict: Winning a game of mahjong that is played in the most normal way.
  • 1 judgment: A hand with four consecutive diamonds in one hand; Can also buzz in the way of self-drawing; or the player owns a pair of Mats or Phungs on the same hand; Or it can also be buzzing in the same place with someone whose Chinese cards have the same number.
  • 2 judgment: This is an ù card featuring four Chinese cards of the same type; will buzz by drawing the last card; The person who owns a pair of Mats or Phungs on the same door, wind.
  • 3: It’s a card with three punches representing the wind and three punches representing the dragon; or buzzing by placing three pieces of the same type together in a row.
  • 6 says: It is a song with four gusts of wind, Small Four Joys; or buzzing by possessing four gongs; Or you can also pick the entire card.
  • 8 says: The buzzing song with four winds is the Great Four Joys; or hum by owning four with king cards or picking up all the cards in your hand with only wind cards or dragon cards.

Mahjong is currently an extremely attractive and popular game todayJun88. The game also requires players to have knowledge about how to play mahjong, good analytical and judgment skills. So, the above article is provided for youthesepinebelieveabouttrickplaysteamguideThis,wish Friend will Have these spread experience greatgreat Please!

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