Poker Card Sets and Interesting Points in the Card Game

Poker is a popular game loved by many players at Nhà Cái New88. This game does not only rely on luck but also requires players to have good strategy and skills in using cards. The unique feature of the game is the Poker deck with 52 cards and full Chips of different denominations.

A Brief Overview of Poker Card Game

Poker is not only an entertaining game but also brings many thrilling and stressful moments to players. Unlike other games, Poker does not only rely on luck but also requires the player’s thinking and judgment.

The mysterious origin of Poker

Chinese people often tell each other that Poker was born in their country in 900 AD, at that time the game was called “Domino”. Meanwhile, the Egyptians believe that the Persian game “As Nas” is the father of Poker with the first regulations on betting rounds.

However, there is a theory that the name Poker comes from French Poque in the 24th century and Poker has another name, Pouchen.

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The development of Poker followed a historical turning point

First introduced to a large number of players in 1970, Poker was present in the World Series (Wsop) international tournament. At that time, there was a scene of 52-card Poker decks, then in 1830, the rules for playing card games were established and put into use. It took 30 years for Poker to become the “favorite child” of many large casinos in the world.

Introduction to Poker Decks and Highlights

A complete set of Poker cards will include the following tools:

Poker deck

When participating in the Poker game, casinos will use a 52-card deck of cards with 4 main suits: spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs. This is also the deck of cards used in traditional Vietnamese games such as Phom, Ta La,…

However, at Poker there will be a clear distinction of quality in order of high and low (in case the value of the cards is the same). The winning and losing factors will be decided according to the 10 rankings and regulations of that casino.

Poker chips

Not only the Poker deck, but when participating in the game you also need to pay attention to the Poker chips. This chip is a substitute for cash when participating in the game, it is also known as Chips. They are round, colorful, and made of plastic (plastic coated with metal). Each type of chip will have a different amount of money.

Poker Dealer Card

Dealer is the person who deals cards, Dealer Poker card is the person who deals cards in Poker games. This type of card will be placed right in front of the Dealer’s position so players can easily identify it.

If you play traditional Poker, this card may not appear. Therefore, this is also the difference between the two forms of Poker gaming.

How to play Poker in detail and easy to understand for all new players

Normally there will be 4 betting rounds in a Poker match, players need to go through those rounds to win.

Round 1: Free Flop betting round

In the first betting round, the player has the right to know his two trump cards. The order of raising will be that the person holding the house will start the bet, then the player on the left will execute with the commands: Follow, To, Tat, To,… This betting round will end if the bet amount is equal to each other and no one wants to complain further.

Round 2: Flop betting round

In this round, 3 community cards will be revealed and the betting round will start from the player on the Dealer’s left. Just like the previous round, players can change turns/skip turns if no one has bet before.

Round 3: Turn round

Once there are cards in the Poker deck, this is when the 4th community card is revealed. After that, the player will proceed to perform the same steps as the previous round.

Round 4: River round

Here, the 5th card will be revealed, the 5th common card has appeared and the player also knows whether his card can win or not. The remaining people can proceed to the final betting round as what happened in the previous round.

At the end of these betting rounds, if more than 1 person remains, everyone will show their cards to determine who is the final winner.

Above is all the information about the Poker deck, how to play and the birth of this game. Although it has a history of hundreds of years, Poker is still interested and loved by many players. Please register an account at the New88 homepage to experience with your friends and relatives the many attractive services and diverse games available here.

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