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Dog racing is a famous sports betting game in European and American countries. Game Sports betting This is not yet popular in Vietnam. However, some reputable bookmakers have supported Dog racing betting online and participated by countless players.

What sport is dog racing?

Dog racing is quite similar to horse racing. As the name suggests, this discipline is a spectacular competition for elite dogs.

Not every dog ​​can participate, but must go through strict selection from breed (racing dog, hunting dog), to speed and endurance. They must undergo special training and care before they can participate in dramatic races.

Usually, men are attracted a lot and dog racing tracks are also crowded with bettors who come to watch and bet on dog racing. According to the prize ratio of each race, if the player wins the bet, the prize will be exchanged directly after the race ends.

Because Vietnamese law does not allow the organization of this type of sport, Vietnamese players can only bet on dog racing on betting sites. reputable bookmaker website never mind.

Everything about dog racing betting

Dog racing betting brings many wonderful entertainment experiences to participants. Dog racing also has certain regulations and betting methods that you must understand.

How many types of dog racing betting are there to know?

In dog racing betting, there are two types of betting: Greyhound Races and Sled Dog Races.

Greyhound racing is a fierce race between Greyhound breed dogs. The race has a distance of 500 to 700 meters. Online bookmakers often have many greyhound racing betting matches.

Sled dog racing is the second form of dog racing betting held in Alaska. However, matches in this format do not appear much on online betting sites. The coaches will sit on sleds and dogs will pull the sleds for 1,000 miles.

Some popular types of dog racing betting

While dogs and trainers compete for the championship prize, bettors compete for huge prizes. Both entertaining and rewarding, there’s nothing better than participating in dog racing betting.

Currently, dog racing tracks are also attended by a large number of players, becoming a new trend in betting sports. Your winnings will be calculated based on the match results as well as the betting method you have chosen.

Single bet

This is a type of bet where the player will bet on a dog that the player believes will win first place. Each race will have 6 dogs numbered from 1 to 6. You bet on 1 dog racing according to the predetermined number. If the dog brings the number you choose first, you win the bet.

Double bet

Double bet means the player will bet on 2 dogs to finish first and second in the race. There are two types of double bet tickets as follows:

Straight forecast: with this bet, you will bet on the 2 dogs to finish first and second in order. For example, you choose number 1 to be first and number 4 to be second. If the match result is the same as your prediction, you receive a reward. If either order is wrong, you lose your entire bet.

Quinella: you bet on 2 dogs to finish first and second, but not in the same order as straight forecast. For example, you bet two dogs number 1 and number 4 to come first and second. As long as the two dogs are in the top 2, you win the bet. Number 4 in first place and number 1 in second place or vice versa win.

Bet three

Similar to a double bet, a triple bet (tricast) is where you bet on 3 dogs to win the top 3 position (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place). There are 2 types of tickets for this betting category:

Straight tricast: is a form of betting on 3 dogs to be in the top 3. And you must judge in the correct order. If the finishing order of the match results does not match the order you bet on, you lose the bet.

Combination tricast: you will also bet on 3 dogs to finish first, second and third. However, these three dogs do not need to finish in order, they just need to be in the top 3 to win the bet.

Bet four

Betting four means you will bet on 4 dogs to finish first, second, third and fourth. There are 2 types of bet tickets for betting 4 (first four):

Straight first four: you will bet on 4 dogs to finish in order. If the match result and the order you placed the bet on are the same then congratulations, you have won the match bet.

Combination first four: This bet bets on 4 dogs finishing in the top 4 but not in order. If all 4 dogs you have bet on finish in the top 4 positions, you receive a bonus.

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Ways to bet when watching dog racing online

In online dog racing betting, there are also types of bets similar to traditional betting on racetracks. Here are a few betting odds on greyhound racing matches:

  • Winner: correctly guess the dog that comes first in the race.
  • Place bet: the dog you bet on must come first or second.
  • Show bet: the dog you bet on must be in the top 3, that is, first, second or third.
  • Quinella: predict the two dogs to finish first and second in no order.
  • Trifecta: predict the top three dogs in the race in a specific order.
  • Key trifecta: is a variant of Trifecta. You must guess correctly that the dog comes first, and the remaining two dogs come second and third, regardless of order.
  • Superfecta: correctly guess the 4 finishing dogs in order of first, second, third and fourth. If the order is not correct, the bet is considered a loss.

In general, online dog racing is just like traditional betting. Bets like Trifecta and Superfecta require you to be a long-time player to have a chance to win. For new players, you should play the remaining forms, which are both easy to win and can practice your skills.

Experience in playing online dog racing betting from long-time players

To be ready to participate in dramatic betting matches, first of all, you must equip yourself with knowledge and experience from veteran dog racing bettors.

Understanding the rules of the game is the first step. You will have an advantage when you truly understand the rules of this sports betting game. And depending on each house, there will be its own format, betting levels and game rules. Therefore, please read the game rules carefully before starting to bet on the match.

Each dog has its own unique criteria and strengths. Grasp information about dog breeds, endurance and historical matches to evaluate their strength in matches. From there, you can come up with a reasonable bet level and betting form.

Analyze match history carefully. Although it is a game of luck, you should not bet 100% on emotion. Analyze the dogs, analyze the matches that have taken place, especially the matches with the dog you intend to bet on to have a chance to win.

Choosing a trustworthy dealer is important. And Nhà Cái Hi88 is a reputable bookmaker for sports betting with high security and safety in Vietnam. Not only about betting games, you can learn many “tips” from the information and information  Hi88.co provides.

With some information about dog racing betting, hopefully you can understand how to play and gain some experience when playing. Dog racing betting. Follow and bet at Hi88 now to win valuable rewards.

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